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Kellie Ryan

Erotic Nature; Nurturing the Earth Body

Nature calls us to be held in its wisdom and to hold our bodies as sacred. In a culture that over sexualizes and largely sets us up for potentially dysmorphic views of our own body, it takes love, acceptance, and honoring to empower us all to embrace the beauty of our individual and collective bodies.

The state of our bodies living on this earth is beckoning for us to reconnect to the softest and deepest parts of ourselves, to land and be held by the expression of the feminine.

We will use ritual to unveil our bodies together in the natural eroticism of the nature around us.

This intensive will including authentic movement, embodied writing exercises and deepening partner activities that nurture our ability to surrender to our naked expression as well as giving voice to our sexuality through allowing the erotic to presence us to our vulnerabilities and our beauty.


Kellie Ryan  is a full time Massage Therapist in Portland ME.

She has been facilitating groups in intimacy building, erotic playfulness, dance and movement as a way to build community for the last decade.  She has used Authentic Movement as a tool for communicating our deeper story around sexuality in her work with Sex of Self, a women’s sexuality workshop.

She was the founder of a dance collective Academy of Muses in Ithaca, NY.

 Kellie also teaches body enrichment classes for sex therapist in training at the Institute for Sexual Education and Enlightenment in Northampton. In her many workshops her focus is on building intimacy through storytelling, movement, writing and various partner exercises reflecting the need for communication around consent, safe sex, boundaries, agreements, exploring desire, asking for what we want and mostly asking the questions about what make us feel most alive.

Bianca Saia

Freedom, Power, Desire : Unlocking it, Owning it, Expressing it

One of the great opportunities that we have in this lifetime is to increase the amounts of benevolent freedom, power and pleasure that we can manifest. 

But how?

In this Intensive series, you will be invited to dive into different experiences – somatic, psychological, relational, spiritual and sensual/sexual – that will help you expand, individually and as a group, to new heights of the human experience.

You can expect a workshop where play and pleasure will have a place of honor. You can also expect a workshop where you’ll be challenged to go where your edge is, to feel your heart beating faster, and be asked to face the fears that keep you from growing

FREEDOM– We’ll explore different ways that we can dare to be ourselves more fully. Body image exercises, authentic games, dynamic meditations and core energetic concepts are some of the tools that we’ll explore to achieve that.

 POWERHow can we responsibly harness power, for the betterment of one’s self and the community? How can we play with power exchange in a way that is consensual and sexy? Conscious kink, breathwork and tantra will be part of this journey.

 PLEASURE– Some of us seek pleasure at all costs, some of us have a hard time to accept that we deserve pleasure and to ask for it. What is your ultimate pleasure at any given time and why is this a tool for growth? Conscious touch, playful games and sensual explorations will be offered in this module.


As an individual and couple’s counselor in Montreal, I’m specialized in romantic and sexual relationship models (monogamy, swinging, polyamory, open relationships, tantra, BDSM, etc.) I also offer experiential playshops that help people express their sensual, sexual, spiritual and emotional aspects safely and fully.

Founder of Centre Eros – Thérapeutes en Relations Amoureuses, my mission is to help people to accept and love themselves in all their shades and thrive in their intimate relationships. Originally from Brazil, I’m based in Montreal and I am thrilled to be part of the team that is bringing  Touch&Play to Canada.

Stéphane Crête

Comfort in discomfort

Desire, violence, nudity, depletion: playing with the limits of the performing body sometimes asks us to face areas of shadow and the unspoken, as if it were normal, “in the name of art”, to venture into its slippery spaces to the detriment of our comfort and safety.

This abandonment of our own limits too often generates confusion, blockages or trauma. How then to find comfort in the performance of scenes, choreographies or performative actions that are not comfortable to play?

By applying communication tools to name our needs and fears, we will learn how to create safe spaces to further explore our boundary edges. Then, by adding a ritual dimension to these actions, we will see how to recover the sacred power of our creative acts.


Stéphane Crête, a multidisciplinary artist, has been interested in the limits of representation for over 20 years, mainly through works created within the Momentum collective (Laboratoires Crête, Mycologie, Esteban). His fields of intervention concern both performance and ritual work. He teaches play and creative processes to students in theater (UQAM, Lionel Groulx, Circus School), while refining a pedagogy of ritual practice with the school Ho rites of passage.

Also active on the “psychospiritual” scene in Quebec and France, he also offers various workshops that address issues related to presence and intimacy, through trance, conscious touch and sacred sexuality.

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Daniel J. Hayes

Daniel J. Hayes

Touch&Play project founder

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